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Football Index Review

Read my thoughts on the Football Index and get access to a risk free sign up offer for one of the fastest growing ways to enjoy betting on Football.

Let me say right up front that Football Index is betting/gambling so you should exercise caution if deciding to sign up and have a go at it. Obviously, you have to be 18+.

Unlike Matched Betting where you are guaranteed to make a profit this is a gamble and you can lose money despite what their publicity might try to imply. 


So why am I in favour of Football Index?

Well it’s fun to be honest. It’s a bit like fantasy football meets the stock market and if you and your mates are in competition with one another it’s great for bants!

We all like to think we know more about football than our mates and if we owned a football club that we could make a better job of it than anyone else. So here’s your chance to prove your expertise!

As I said earlier there is a great free sign-up offer at the bottom of the page but first let me give you some of my thoughts on ways you can make money via the index.


Ways to Win

Firstly, like any market the trick is to buy low and sell high to lock in those profits. You have the option to purchase shares in a player and then sell them on. Obviously if you can spot an up and coming talent then you will be able to make money on the sale price. Also if you keep up to date with the latest trnafer news and gossip you can get in quick.

I made a tidy profit buying shares in Paul Pogba the second I heard Jose Mourinho had been sacked as it was odds on he’d immediately start playing out of his skin for whoever the new manager was.

Remember though if you buy some top-rated player and he suddenly goes off form you could take a bath.

Secondly, Football Index takes a feed from 25 major UK sports news outlets to find out which players are “trending” in the news. Beware that only positive news stories count. If a player is in court for punching his girlfriend or drink driving (aren’t they all) then that news buzz will not count towards his rating.

So, the top trending player each day earns anyone who has shares in him a dividend. This happens every day but if there are no matches then the top 3 get a dividend.

The third way to earn from your players is if they have a “man of the match” type performance. This performance is based on the Opta Data rankings which is neutral and fair.

You can win if your player is the top striker, midfield player or defender, and there is overall star player of the day.

The good news about winning this way is it will probably have a positive effect on the players value as well as the price/value of the players is just decided by supply and demand like the stock market. If everyone wants to buy a player, the price will rise it’s that simple.


Pro’s V Con’s

As I said at the top it’s a combination of betting, investing, and fantasy football. It may take you time to get to grips with the software if you are not computer savvy, but I found it very intuitive.

The Phone App also works very well.

You can only lose what you deposit so if you set up your account with £50 then if you buy players who then plummet in value you can only lose the amount in your account. Be warned though it can be a bit addictive when you get into it so you may find yourself depositing more!

If you take it slow and steady to start with till you become familiar with it you should be fine. Hedge your bets (trades) whenever possible and don’t put all your eggs in one basket as the old saying goes. Try to build up a wide-ranging portfolio of players. with a good spread of defenders, midfielders and strikers. Remember if you have all strikers you can’t get a divided for the best midfielder or defender.

I certainly find this a lot more fun than the stock market. I have some friends who were degenerate gamblers on football betting but since they’ve got into the Football Index, they now spend far less time betting on football so it’s saving them money!


Risk-Free Sign-Up Offer

As I enjoy Football Index so much, I’ve set up an affiliate account with them and it will allow you to try it risk free. Click here to get the offer..