Sports Betting For Newbies: 5 Sports For First Time Bettors

Sports betting is a popular hobby for various sports fans. Because of it, you can watch your favourite sport while earning money on the sidelines, especially if you are experienced enough. However, as a beginner, there are things you need to remember if you aim to invest in it. It will help if you consider which sport to bet on and which strategy to utilize.

While it’s enticing to bet on every available sports event, doing so can be detrimental to your finances. Thus, one most plausible way you can see your way through when betting is by focusing on a particular sport and learning about the game.

But what sport would be the best to bet on? Read on to find out.


Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. It’s also popular among sports bettors because of its fast-paced, exciting games.

If you’re a complete beginner in betting, you should familiarize yourself with how the NBA odds are shown in betting sites, also known as sportsbooks. When betting, you can check the latest NBA odds on various sites, such as

To expand your basketball betting experience, here are numerous ways you can bet on basketball.

  • Moneyline Bets. This bet is about picking a team that would win straight up.
  • Point Spreads. This bet is made by choosing a team to cover the spread. It means that the team must win by a predetermined margin of points.
  • Over/Under. You can win this by predicting whether or not the total score will be higher or lower compared to a certain number of points set by sportsbooks.
  • Live Bets. This type of bet allows bettors to place their bets while watching the game unfold. Also, sportsbooks change their odds many times depending on how it will play out. So, bettors can change their bets or add a new one.

Horse Racing

Although horse riding is a fun sport to watch, it’s not as popular as other sports on this list. One factor may be that only a few sportsbooks offer horse racing games. Also, since horses are the key players of this sport, it can become an unpredictable game. However, if you look closely, horse race betting provides bettors with more ways to win.

Horse racing may look like it gives off an equal chance for bettors, but as you gain more experience, you’ll notice that predicting outcomes becomes easier for this game.

  • Straight Bets. This type of wager is a simple bet that lets you bet on one horse to win. Straight bets have three types of betting: win, place, and show.
  • Win Bets. As its name suggests, win bets are betting on a horse to win.
  • Place Bets. The bettor is betting on a horse in either first or second place for place bets.
  • Show Bets. Meanwhile, show bets involve betting on a horse to take in any first, second, or third place.
  • Exotic Bets. This bet has two types: horizontal bets and vertical bets. This type of bet requires the bettor to wager on multiple horses, either in one race or multiple races.
  • Horizontal bets are wagers that refer to waging in multiple consecutive races. To win, you must pick the horses that win every race.
  • Vertical bets are about predicting multiple placings of different horses in a single race.


Football can be considered one of the most popular sports favoured by some bettors. It’s an easy sport to bet on. The sportsbook lays out stats of all teams, including their wins and losses, so make sure to use these to your advantage.

The first step into familiarizing football betting is to learn the different types of bets you can wager. To help you, here are a few common types of bets:

  • Win/Draw/Win. This bet lets you wager on the outcome of the game. It may be a home win, draw, or away win. Some sportsbooks refer to this as a match outcome.
  • Draw No Bet. This type of bet removes the draws, leaving the bettors to bet on either a home win or an away win on three-way markets.
  • Both Teams to Score + Win. or BTTS + Win require you to pick if both teams would score the game and pick your winning team. To win this, both of your predictions must happen.

Combat Sports

Combat sports is a competitive contact sport. Some of the most famous combat sports for betting are boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA). Although this sport may not be as popular as other sports for betting, it can be an easy bet for many bettors.

Moreover, some matches do not take long. Although most people say that combat sports sometimes end up in a draw, this is less likely to happen in reality. You can simply bet on who will win the fight. However, there here are other ways of wagering to make your sports betting more exciting:

  • Total Rounds. This betting is basically about how long a fight will go. You will bet on the number of rounds the fight will last.
  • On-Point Betting. This type of betting is closely similar to other sports’ point spreads where you would need to choose a fighter that will win and how many points they’ll earn.
  • Parlays. Parlay bets allow you to combine multiple straight bets. If even one of your parlay loses, your entire sports parlay bet loses.


There are several ways you can bet on sports. However, to ensure a win and take back the money you wagered, choose a sport you like and understand. With enough research, you’ll be familiar with the sport of your choice. Choosing a reliable sportsbook will also affect how much profit you’ll take home after a day of betting, so be sure to choose wisely!